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Who We Are

BOSKER specializes in all aspects of creative advertising & marketing. This is what companies love about Bosker Marketing and Media. Being relevant digitally is key, but without the ability to reach your target audience, top notch visuals such as photo and video content as well as excellent graphic design this can’t happen. This is why we provide this full service to you.

Specialized in Facebook Ads, we take the entire process off of your hands. We want you to focus on your business, so our team is here to put Facebook Ad campaigns together that DELIVER.

Our goal is to make sure you reach your target audience, engageg with your customers and GROW your revenue. Also, we want your brand to looks its best. It’s here that you can cure your client’s appetite, solve a problem, and place your products in their hands.

The Bosker Team

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

Seth Godin

Clients love us. You will too.

At Bosker we are experts with marketing technology and design, to help your business attract your ideal customers, engage with them and grow your revenue. We approach every challenge with best-in-class expertise in data, creativity, media, technology, search, social and more.

Lead Generation
Gain more clients.
Web Design and Development
Results you'll love
Online Marketing
We generate the necessary impressions to establish your brand as a leading competitor.
Strategy and Planning
Work with certified experts
We drive the results needed to continue growing your business.
We are a media powerhouse doing all work in house from research and creative to production and implementation.

What We Do

You need a new approach to generating attention to your brand, earning customer loyalty, and maximizing marketing ROI. That’s where we come in.

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A Team Commited to Your Goals.

We are a team of top industry professionals whose goal is to help you achieve yours.

We are a team of marketers, graphic & web designers, social media strategists, app developers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. We are committed to presenting you with the innovative ideas needed to reach a mass audience and generate impressions across multiple channels.
Through years of training, we’ve assembled an amazing team of highly trained sales and business operations professionals who know the ins and outs of the marketing industry and lead generation.
Working with businesses to improve their branding is one of the many things we do. We drive the results needed to continue growing your business.
Our business is our business. And it’s our goal to make sure you succeed in yours. Customer service is one of our core values and we hope to deliver the utmost of that to you.

Our Process

Understanding your market and your target audience is key, this is something that cannot be overlooked when launching any type of campaign.
Creating a strategy is more than just research. It requires a team of seasoned veterans with a love for the business that take the time to truly understand your business and its true market potential.
A carefully devised strategy goes hand in hand with top notch content creation and tracked metrics. We back our results through years of experience. Join the winning team.
Easy To Use
We are proactive with every campaign we create and ensure the effectiveness is sustainable by continuously monitoring analytics and making any changes necessary to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
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